Market Value Management

        Refers to the investment of funds to bring the benefits of various types of equity projects, including these rights and interests of infrastructure projects, including the right to collect fees, the right to operate public transport.
        Equity investment is larger than equity investment. Equity investments are investments made to acquire equity or net assets of other companies. Such as the common stock investment of other enterprises, for the acquisition of other enterprises equity investment, equity investment. This investment is to obtain control over another enterprise, or to implement a significant impact on another enterprise, or for other purposes. Equity investment is a basic financial tool for enterprises to raise funds. Investors holding securities on behalf of an enterprise's rights and interests, enjoy the rights and interests in the enterprise, the common and preferred stock is of common equity securities. The formation of investment and equity investment is the investor's ownership and management wages, investors have the right to vote should be relative and equity. Its main features are: generally do not have a fixed payback period and fixed investment income, investment, only the law could not directly accept the transfer of capital contribution from investment enterprises divestment, general risk high. Enterprises to carry out equity investment, the main consideration of the profitability of the investment enterprise, whether it can get a higher return and affect the control of the invested enterprise is conducive to the long-term interests of the enterprise.